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“A Happy Boy” was written in 1859 and 1860. It is, in my
estimation, Bjornson’s best story of peasant life. In it the author
has succeeded in drawing the characters with remarkable
distinctness, while his profound psychological insight, his
perfectly artless simplicity of style, and his thorough sympathy
with the hero and his surroundings are nowhere more apparent.
This view is sustained by the great popularity of “A Happy
Boy” throughout Scandinavia.
It is proper to add, that in the present edition of Bjornson’s
stories, previous translations have been consulted, and that in
this manner a few happy words and phrases have been found
and adopted.
This volume will be followed by “The Fisher Maiden,” in which
Bjornson makes a new departure, and exhibits his powers in a
somewhat different vein of story-telling.
Rasmus B. Anderson.
Asgard, Madison, Wisconsin,
November, 1881.

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